LA Chargers roster: Complete breakdown vs. Baltimore Ravens

Cleveland Browns v LA Chargers
Cleveland Browns v LA Chargers / Harry How/GettyImages
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LA Chargers
Cleveland Browns v LA Chargers / Harry How/GettyImages

Comparing the LA Chargers offense and Baltimore Ravens offense:

Quarterback: Advantage... LA Chargers

This is a really tough one (hence the dramatic pause) and before the season I had Justin Herbert ranked two spots lower than Lamar Jackson. That being said, Herbert has taken that year two leap and with Russell Wilson hurt and Aaron Rodgers taking a slight step back, Herbert is undoubtedly a top-five, if not top-three, quarterback in the league.

Lamar Jackson is right there with him, ranking 1-2 spots lower.

Running backs: Advantage, LA Chargers

Austin Ekeler is the difference here. The depth on both teams leaves more to be desired and for the Ravens, that is a result of injuries. Austin Ekeler is the best running back that either team has and he swings the pendulum in favor of the Bolts.

Wide receivers: Advantage, LA Chargers

This is an easy one. The Ravens, although they have gotten better at receiver, are still far behind the Chargers. Mike Williams is playing like a top-five receiver in the league and even with his drops the last two weeks, Keenan Allen is still a top-10 receiver at worst. Bolts by a mile.

Tight ends: Advantage, LA Chargers

Mark Andrews is probably the best tight end for either team but the Chargers have much better depth than the Ravens do. Jared Cook is a solid TE1 option while Donald Parham is really coming into his own not only as a pass-catching target but as a good blocker as well.

Offensive line: Advantage, Baltimore Ravens

These two offensive lines are really comparable and if we are going to do a ranking of all 32 offensive lines in the league then the Chargers and Ravens would likely be right next to each other.

At full strength, the Chargers would have the advantage here. Even with Storm Norton at right tackle, you could make the case for the Bolts. However, with Oday Aboushi now also out with a season-ending ACL injury, the advantage goes to Baltimore.

Next, let's compare the defenses