3 best-kept secrets on the LA Chargers roster in 2022

Los Angeles Chargers v Philadelphia Eagles
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2. Joshua Palmer

Joshua Palmer might not be a secret anymore considering we here at Bolt Beat are doing everything we can to get everyone on the Joshua Palmer breakout season train. All signs are pointing to Palmer having a great second season with the Bolts as the young receiver is getting praise from just about any teammate that is asked about him.

Palmer's overall numbers from his rookie season were not all that impressive but those that watched the games and re-watched the film know that there is something special there. Palmer started to come into his own more later in the season as Justin Herbert developed a greater trust in him. He is the runaway favorite to win the WR3 job and quite frankly, could post a 750-yard+ season in year two.

While it is a bit too soon to declare that Palmer is a future Pro Bowler because he has to make the leap from year one to year two first, it would not be surprising if he does blossom into one of the best 25 receivers in the league in the coming years.

He has just about every trait you would want in a receiver outside of elite speed and he is learning from two of the best in the game in Keenan Allen and Mike Williams. Palmer was already a very polished and smooth route runner coming out of college, playing behind Allen is only going to make him better.

Tom Telesco hit a home run in the third round in his first draft with the Chargers when he selected Allen in 2013. Perhaps Brandon Staley hit a home run in his first draft with the Chargers by selecting Joshua Palmer in the third round as well.