Why the LA Chargers might not end up signing a right tackle at all

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3. The LA Chargers may have more faith in Trey Pipkins than you think

Some fans may cringe at the idea of Trey Pipkins starting at right tackle for the LA Chargers in 2022. While Pipkins did not do well in his first two years in the league, there is a world in which the Bolts have confidence in Pipkins to finally start in his fourth year in the league.

After all, Pipkins was taken as a developmental prospect and he did not have the best developmental resources early on in his career. Then last year Frank Smith took over duties on the offensive line and did a spectacular job, so much so that he was hired to be the Miami Dolphins offensive coordinator.

Smith very well could have gotten his hands on Pipkins and finally unlocked something that Charger fans have been waiting to see. Brandon Staley does seem to have a great sense of trusting his players and the Bolts could just be looking for a mid-round prospect to compete with Pipkins knowing that they are fine with Pipkins starting.

To be fair to Pipkins, he played really well in the two games that he started for the Chargers in 2021. Pipkins allowed just three pressures in 82 pass-blocking snaps. That is not an elite number, but it is far better than what he was allowing before.

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All three of those pressures allowed came on the left side of the offensive line as well. He started at right tackle for the Chargers in Week 17 against the Denver Broncos. Pipkins played 67 snaps in that game (33 pass-blocking snaps) and did not allow a single pressure.