Why the LA Chargers might not end up signing a right tackle at all

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2. There are so many possible directions to go in the 2022 NFL Draft

With the LA Chargers already having one of the best young left tackles in the league and the best center in the league, the team does not need to find an absolute home run at right tackle. Granted, the Bolts obviously want to find the best right tackle possible but it is not this huge pressing need that has to be addressed at pick 17. Simply put, the team has options.

If the Chargers want to draft a right tackle at 17 then they have a likely candidate in Trevor Penning, who is a monster of a human being. Penning is a bit raw as a prospect but he has all the tools to blossom into someone special. Having him be the worst member of the O-line next season would be a blessing.

if it is not Penning then the Chargers could wait until their next pick in the third round. Abraham Lucas is a fine right tackle prospect that could be taken in the third or fourth round and once again, would provide a quality starting presence to the Bolts.

Sure, he wouldn't be a Rashawn Slater, but he would be just fine in his role. He might be even better than Reiff and would come at 1/7th the price.

The Bolts could even move down into the second round if they wanted to pick up extra draft capital and land a solid option. If the Chargers can maneuver the 17th pick for two second-round picks they could draft an impact defensive lineman and a starting tackle in Daniel Faalele.

LA does not need to panic sign a starting right tackle because of a thin draft class. There are plenty of options that can get the job done at multiple points in the draft.