Why the LA Chargers might not end up signing a right tackle at all

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The LA Chargers have done a lot this offseason to improve the holes on the roster and build one of the best teams in the NFL. The best part is that the team is not done yet, as the Bolts have just under $10 million to spend still in free agency as well as having the 2022 NFL Draft to work with.

One need that the Chargers have not yet filled is right tackle. Storm Norton started at right tackle in place of the injured Bryan Bulaga last season and was one of the worst tackles in the league. He allowed the second-most pressures in the NFL and you could make the case that he was a big reason why the Bolts did not make the playoffs with his Week 18 performance.

While right tackle is a need, at this point in time, it does not appear that the Chargers are going to actually sign a right tackle in free agency.

Why the LA Chargers might not sign a right tackle at all this offseason:

1. The options remaining after getting burned by Bryan Bulaga

There is not that great of a market left, especially after Cornelius Lucas signed with the Washington Commanders. The only option really on the market is Riley Reiff, who is a fine tackle with versatility that could start at right tackle.

Reiff has connections to the coaching staff so it seems like a natural fit. However, Reiff is coming off an injury and is going to turn 34 in December. If he were to come on a cheap one-year deal it would be one thing but Pro Football Focus projects Reiff to get a two-year, $14 million contract.

That pretty much takes up all of the spending room the Chargers have left and in signing Reiff, they would be signing an older, average veteran who is coming off an injury. If the team wasn't just burned by the Bryan Bulaga signing then maybe it would be a possibility.

But after seeing what happened to Bulaga, you cannot blame the Chargers for potentially being out on Reiff altogether. That is not the only reason why the team might not sign a right tackle at all, though.