LA Chargers record prediction: Predicting each game after bye week

LA Chargers v Baltimore Ravens
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LA Chargers record prediction, Weeks 16-18:

Week 16 at Houston Texans: Win

The Houston Texans are going to be competing for the first overall pick in the 2022 NFL Draft and will be better off losing at this point in the season. Any talks of a Tyrod Taylor revenge game won't matter. In the thick of a division race, this is a game that the Chargers must comfortably win.

Week 17 vs. Denver Broncos: Win

The same story can be said for this matchup against the Denver Broncos. They simply do not have the talent to match up with the LA Chargers, even though I do expect this game to be close. The Broncos will be trying to play spoiler for their division foe and will certainly throw everything they have at the Chargers.

It will be a close game, because of course it will be, but the Bolts will win to stay in the hunt for the AFC crown. The Broncos should lose to the Chargers every time if the division is on the line.

Week 18 at Las Vegas Raiders: Win

Poor Raiders. They are probably going to be in the thick of a wild-card hunt and the hope for them should be that the Chargers have their playoff seed locked in one way or another so they rest the starters. In this situation, they will likely be playing for the division crown and perhaps even the top seed in the AFC.

The Raiders won't catch a break and with something to play for we will see a very similar game in Week 18 that we saw in Week 4. Sure, things can change from game to game, but it is hard to see how the Raiders can win a matchup against a motivated Chargers team.

That brings our final LA Chargers record prediction to 13-4 with a 9-2 record after the bye week. That seems like a lot of wins but with the way the team has played in the first six weeks, it certainly is possible.

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The Chiefs are currently 3-3 and have some tough games remaining on their schedule. Chances are they will lose at least one and the hope for the Bolts is that they lose two, allowing the Chargers to get in without any tiebreaker headaches.