LA Chargers record prediction: Predicting each game after bye week

LA Chargers v Baltimore Ravens
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LA Chargers record prediction, Weeks 13-15:

Week 13 at Cincinnati Bengals: Loss

Look, I know this is shocking. The LA Chargers are a better football team on paper than the Cincinnati Bengals and should get the job done. That being said, the Bengals are better than most people expected and could sneak into the seventh seed in the AFC.

Every year there is that random loss to an opponent that seemed like a shoe-in. Dallas and Baltimore are not random losses. This is the random loss. On the road, at 10:00 AM Los Angeles time, the Bengals shock the Chargers to move them to 8-3.

Week 14 vs. New York Giants: Win

Poor Giants. The Bolts return home angry from the loss to the Bengals and absolutely destroy a much worse New York Giants team. This game should not even be close and could very well be one of the biggest wins of the entire season. Chargers by 20+.

Week 15 vs. Kansas City Chiefs: Loss

I know the LA Chargers beat them already but the Kansas City Chiefs are a really good football team and the odds of beating them twice in one season is slim to none, just ask the Las Vegas Raiders last season. It will be a close game and quite frankly, will probably come down to the last drive if not in overtime.

The Chargers got the best of the Chiefs the first time around and the Chiefs will get vengeance in this one. The two AFC juggernauts will go into overtime and the Chiefs will win the toss, not even allowing the Bolts to get the ball.

At this point, the LA Chargers will have a 9-4 record and will be in the thick of an AFC West chase with the Chiefs.

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