3 reasons why the LA Chargers should beat the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 15

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2. The Kansas City Chiefs offense still hasn't proven to be back

Any Chiefs fan that clicked onto this article is reading this right now with disgust and is getting ready to let their opinion be known. Yes, the Chiefs just dropped 48 points on the Las Vegas Raiders. It was one game. That does not mean that the Chiefs' offense is back because they have shown far more evidence that they are not the same explosive team.

Just look at the two best offensive games that the Chiefs have had this season. They both have come against the Las Vegas Raiders and that is not an accident. Gus Bradley is notorious for not making adjustments to his defense and instead trusting his scheme to beat teams. The Raiders are the only team that has not been deploying the shell deep coverage that has slowed down the Chiefs.

The Chargers will make the right adjustments and make sure they play the best scheme possible in order to slow down the Chiefs.

This does not mean that the Chiefs are guaranteed to have a slow day offensively but there is not the guarantee that they will score 30+ like in years past. If the Chargers are able to hang 30+ on them in this game then Chiefs fans have to be worried about their offense being able to match pace.

If you remove the two Raiders games the Chiefs have scored 22, 19, 13, 17 and 3 points in their last five games. The Chargers have scored 37, 41, 13, 41 and 20.