3 reasons why the LA Chargers should beat the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 15

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LA Chargers
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1. Justin Herbert is the best primetime quarterback in the NFL

While Chiefs fans are undoubtedly coming into this game confident in Patrick Mahomes, this might be one of the rare instances where they are at a disadvantage at the quarterback position. There is no denying that Mahomes is the best in the league when he is at his best but he has not been at his best this season (more on that later).

Many would still rank Mahomes above Herbert on a quarterback list and that is completely justifiable. However, lists are made in a vacuum and this game is not being played in a vacuum. This game is being played on Thursday night underneath the bright lights with a national audience tuning in.

That all benefits the second-year quarterback. While a situation like this might seem to favor the other team with Herbert being so young, the problem for Kansas City is that Justin Herbert is the best primetime quarterback in the entire NFL.

And quite frankly, it is not even close.

Now, it is important to note that Rashawn Slater is not going to be playing this game as he was put on the covid-19 list at the time of writing this. That will definitely make Justin Herbert's life harder but as long as Keenan Allen and Austin Ekeler play, which they both should then primetime Herbert should be able to overcome losing Slater.