The 3 real reasons why the Chargers lost to the Chiefs on Thursday Night Football

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3. The Chargers failed to execute in big moments

Some may look at this as a backdoor way of saying it is Brandon Staley's fault. It is not. I agreed with every single one of his fourth-down decisions on Thursday and if we had to play the game again I would want the team to take all of the same chances. It has won the Chargers games this season and if they had the "take the points" approach all season they would probably have a losing record.

You can go click that article that was linked on the first page to get a more in-depth argument in favor of Staley, or find the article on our home page.

The fact is that the Chargers had pretty decent looks in all of their big situations and simply failed to execute. The Parham drop is the one exception. Parham suffered a very serious head injury by hitting his head on the turf, resulting in the drop. Anyone blaming him for a freak accident like that is missing the bigger picture.

However, two plays before that the Chargers had second and goal and Justin Herbert had Mike Williams in the endzone. Herbert probably could have ran it in himself for six but still was able to find an open Williams.. who saw the ball fly right through his hands. He suffered another drop on a big hit the following play.

The Chargers then had first and goal from the five at the end of the first half and could not convert. You are never going to beat the Chiefs that way and we can talk about the fourth-down call all we want. That is an example of failed execution.

To beat a team as good as the Chiefs, you have to play near-perfect football and the Chargers did not do that in the biggest moments in this game, whereas last game they did.