LA Chargers: 3 players who impressed the most in preseason win over the Rams

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Josh Palmer
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WR Joshua Palmer

With Keenan Allen and Mike Williams likely being held out all of the preseason, Joshua Palmer took advantage of his time on the field. The rookie from Tennessee finished the night with six receptions for 36 yards.

There wasn't necessarily a big catch of big play that defined his day. He was just really consistent from the get go. Every play it felt like Palmer was very confident in his route running and selection:

Some expect Palmer to be the natural Mike Williams replacement eventually, but he's got quite a bit of route running finesse. Against the Rams, he looked quite a bit like Keenan Allen to me. Three of Palmer's six catches came on LA Chargers' third downs that extended drives.

Receiver Tyron Johnson certainly started Chargers' training camp with a bang as three or four key guys auditioned for WR3. Over the last week and a half plus this first preseason game though, Palmer has been the most impressive non-Allen/Williams receiver.

To me, this also isn't just a hot streak for Palmer either. This is the player he'll eventually be at the pro level. Of course, there will be some growing pains when he plays non-preseason snaps later on. But the route running tact and crisp athleticism we've consistently seen from Palmer since the Senior Bowl tells me that he's not just going for WR3 this year. He's gunning for WR2 next year.