LA Chargers: 3 most exciting takeaways from preseason win over Rams

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

2. The tempo and the energy that the LA Chargers played with

The LA Chargers definitely brought more energy to this game and that is probably a big reason why they emerged victorious. As stated, the results of these games do not really matter much and when you are dealing with backup players the thing that wins games is energy and coaching.

The Chargers were full of energy. Even with starters like Drue Tranquill and Kyzir White, this was a team that was playing with immense levels of energy, in the preseason!

There were games last season that felt less energized than this and there was no preseason! If the Chargers can get up this much for a preseason game just imagine the morale of the team when the games start to matter.

The tempo was also a very welcoming sign. While they had some mistakes on special teams, the Chargers played up-tempo all game, whether it was getting ready on the defensive side of the ball or quickly getting to the line of scrimmage offensively.

That is winning football in 2021. That is the same energy and up-tempo nature that teams like the Kansas City Chiefs have. That is something that the Chargers really lacked last season.

If anything, this was further proof that Staley was a great choice and that he is more than fit to be a head coach. It really appears as if he has gotten this team to fully buy into this brand of football and more importantly, they are enjoying themselves while doing it.