LA Chargers: 4 things to watch for in preseason game vs Rams

Denver Broncos v Los Angeles Chargers
Denver Broncos v Los Angeles Chargers / Joe Scarnici/Getty Images
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The first real taste of LA Chargers football is just around the corner as the team's preseason opener against the Los Angeles Rams is this Saturday, August 14. While we got a small taste of the team in its scrimmage on FanFest, we will get a true gauge of the team in the preseason.

There are only three preseason games this season which means there is the same amount of things to learn in less amount of time. For the average Charger fan, these games present a learning opportunity about what to expect in the upcoming season.

There is still a long way to go until the regular season but as fans, we should still be keeping a keen eye on these preseason games.

Here are 4 things to watch for in the LA Chargers preseason opener against the Los Angeles Rams:

1. The kicking battle

The kicking battle went terribly during FanFest. The kicking competition looked feeble in front of the home crowds as Michael Badgley was able to make some warm-up kicks but only made three of six attempts during live reps. He was booed off the field.

He was not the only one who struggled as both Alex Kessman went 2-6 on the day. Tristan Vizcaino was better, making four of six attempts, but still received some boos as he left the field.

This season projects to be a really good one but if the kicking situation does not iron itself out the Chargers can still be a bad football team. It legitimately is the difference between an 11-6 season and an 8-9 season.

We don't care who steps up. The hope is just that someone steps up and that starts with Saturday's preseason game against the Rams.