LA Chargers: 4 starters with the most to prove in first preseason game vs. Rams

Asante Samuel Jr, LA Chargers
Asante Samuel Jr, LA Chargers / John McCoy/Getty Images
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Kyzir White
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3. Kyzir White AND Drue Tranquill

We are cheating a bit by including two players as our "third player" on this list but these two are practically trying to prove the same thing. Kenneth Murray is a lock to win one of the inside backer jobs and is most likely not going to play on Saturday.

Kyzir White and Drue Tranquill were not named as players that will or won't play on Saturday, so at the time of writing this it is still up in the air. However, because they are competing for the same job, it would not be shocking to see them both on the field, perhaps together.

If I were to guess I would bet that they both get one defensive series not on the field with each other to see how they play. It would be shocking to see them individually get anything more than a series as the risk for injury is simply too high.

This seemed to be Tranquill's job to lose heading into LA Chargers training camp and he very well could still be in the lead. However, Kyzir White has been making far more noise thus far and is really seeming to thrive in this Staley offense.

White picked off Justin Herbert for a pick-six early in training camp and even did it again on Thursday.

It was not the best throw by Justin Herbert and it was pretty telegraphed but the way he lurked the route only to burst and jump it at the last possible second was great to see.