LA Chargers: 4 starters with the most to prove in first preseason game vs. Rams

Asante Samuel Jr, LA Chargers
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2. Tyron Johnson

It will be interesting to see how much Tyron Johnson plays on Saturday with Justin Herbert not playing at all. He definitely should at least get playing time as the receivers that will likely get the benefit of the doubt ahead of him are Keenan Allen and Mike Williams.

Johnson was not named as one of the players who wasn't going to play on Saturday, although he was not one of the players who was specifically named to play. Most of the players that Staley said would play for sure are younger, which seemingly makes it more likely that he will play.

Johnson has also had a really good training camp thus far and it will be interesting to see how that translates into the game against the Rams. Granted, it won't be Justin Herbert throwing him passes but Johnson has still gained some sort of rapport with Chase Daniel and Easton Stick in practice.

Johnson is everyone's pick to be the breakout receiver on the Chargers this season as he has shown a more diverse route tree in practice that makes him more than just Herbert's deep-ball threat.

In fact, you can argue that Herbert not playing in this game gives Johnson more things to prove. Daniel and Stick do not have the arm that Herbert has and Johnson is likely going to have to work more routes underneath the coverage.

It would be shocking if he got more than two, maybe three drives in this game but it would be nice for Johnson to prove that his step-up in production is more than just on the practice field.