LA Chargers: Power ranking the AFC after LA's huge win over the Browns

Cleveland Browns v LA Chargers
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AFC power rankings, no. 5-2

5. Cleveland Browns

The Cleveland Browns just lost to the LA Chargers in a shootout and they have nobody to blame but themselves. There has been some complaining about the officials but at the end of the day, the LA Chargers were the better football team on Sunday.

That being said, the Browns are still a very good football team that could beat anyone in the league on any given Sunday. The AFC is loaded with top talent and quite frankly, any of the top 5 teams in the conference could get to the Super Bowl. The line is drawn from elite teams to good teams at the Browns.

4. Kansas City Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs might have a losing record but we would be silly if we said that they are not in the top five in the AFC. The problem for Kansas City is that the offense, while still the best in the league when it is at 100%, is no longer leaps and bounds better than the rest as it was before.

The defense is horrible and that is a concern for the Chiefs. When they play their best game they can still beat anyone in the league but the problem is they cannot get by playing worse than their best game, which was the case before.

3. Baltimore Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens almost suffered a scary loss to the Indianapolis Colts on Monday Night Football and quite frankly, they feel like a team that is ready to go down on this list. They lost in overtime to the Raiders, only beat the Lions with a record-setting field goal, beat a fraudulent Broncos team and barely beat a 1-3 Colts team.

However, they have a huge win over the Kansas City Chiefs, which justifies their place at no. 3 on this list.

2. Buffalo Bills

Yup, the LA Chargers are not the second-ranked team in the AFC, which means there is only one more spot for them to rank.

Bills fans would disagree and say that they are the top team in the AFC but a lot of that is just because of preseason expectations. Yes, the Bills have a longer track record of success but this is 2021 we are talking about.

They do have a huge win over the Chiefs (but so do the Chargers). Outside of that they have wins over the terrible Dolphins, terrible Texans and another overlapping win against the Washington Football Team.

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