LA Chargers: Power ranking the AFC after LA's huge win over the Browns

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AFC power rankings, no. 9-6:

9. Pittsburgh Steelers

The Pittsburgh Steelers rank one spot higher than the Denver Broncos only because they just beat them and quite frankly, it is fitting where they and the Broncos are in the conference. They are right below the median as they are two teams with good defenses and mediocre quarterbacks.

They can probably beat anyone in the conference if absolutely everything goes right just because of the defenses, but eight times out of 10, they are losing to anyone ranked higher than them on this list.

8. Las Vegas Raiders

The Las Vegas Raiders are in a bit of a downhill spiral right now. The LA Chargers put an end to the Raiders' undefeated start on Monday Night Football, the Chicago Bears took over Allegiant Stadium and shocked the Raiders on Sunday and Jon Gruden resigned as the head coach on Monday.

In a span of one week, the Raiders went from the hot 3-0 team in the AFC that many were ranking in their top five in the entire league to being a team that is somehow four-point underdogs against the Denver Broncos this week. They still have talent and come in eighth.

7. Cincinnati Bengals

Look, they have been really bad in recent years and cannot block for Joe Burrow to save their lives but they are a team that can move the ball. The 2021 Bengals remind me a lot of the 2020 LA Chargers. Some better coaching, particularly on the defense side of the ball, and this is a team that can make the playoffs next season.

As the seventh-ranked team in our power rankings they are currently slated to be a wild-card team. There is a lot of football left to play, though.

6. Tennessee Titans

The Tennessee Titans are a weird football team and is one that I personally do not buy into whatsoever. They will make the playoffs because their division is awful and I will put my entire bank account on whoever they play in the first round.

Joking aside, this defense is awful and I am doubtful that Derrick Henry can continue to hold up after his last two seasons and the start to this season. But who knows, maybe he continues to defy running back physics.

Next up, the 5th through 2nd-ranked teams in the AFC.