What needs to happen for the LA Chargers to make the playoffs in 2021

Los Angeles Chargers v Houston Texans
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Lamar Jackson
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The Baltimore Ravens need to lose one game

So, in theory, if the LA Chargers split with the Broncos and Raiders to finish the season then they would need the Baltimore Ravens to lose two games. Hoping for a well-coached team to lose both games to end the season is not the situation that the Chargers want to be in, showcasing why winning out is essentially a must.

The Ravens were the no. 1 seed in the AFC just weeks ago but the wheels have been slowly falling off. The team lost a one-point game to the Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers while getting blown out against the Bengals with Josh Johnson at quarterback.

When healthy, the Ravens are still good enough to not only be a playoff team but win some playoff games. No team in the league has dealt with the issues that the Ravens have this season but if Lamar Jackson comes back in Week 17 then they could still win out.

The good thing for the LA Chargers is that the Ravens do not have an easy final two games to the season. Baltimore plays the LA Rams in Week 17 and the Rams have a ton to play for as they are leading the NFC West and could even sneak into the first-round bye depending what else happens in the NFC.

To finish the season the Ravens are hosting the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Ravens should beat the Steelers but as we already saw this season, these Ravens-Steelers games are often hard-fought and you can throw out the record books.