Week 14 outcomes that drastically help the LA Chargers playoff chances

Los Angeles Chargers v Cincinnati Bengals
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Cleveland Browns over Baltimore Ravens

In this game we have two teams that are in the AFC playoff picture and no matter what the outcome is it is going to impact the LA Chargers in some way. The Browns are 6-6 on the season and winning this game would allow them to stay within a game of the Chargers and maybe even sneak into the playoff picture depending on other outcomes.

Meanwhile, the Ravens are one game ahead of the Chargers and are still in contention for the top seed in the AFC. The Ravens' record will not impact the Chargers' seeding in the playoffs if the Bolts do not win the division and the Ravens do.

However, if the Chargers can pull off winning the AFC West then the Ravens' record suddenly does matter, especially when it comes to competing for the top spot in the AFC. For that reason, because they lost last week and are only one game better than the Chargers, the Bolts should be rooting for the Browns in this one.

While getting more cushion in the wild-card hunt is great the Chargers can be confident in their ability to outlast the Browns for the rest of the season. What they should be rooting for it chaos atop the AFC and the Browns beating the Ravens would be just that.

Baltimore would move to 8-5 on the season with a loss and would be right on par with the Chargers. The Bolts would still need more help (particularly the Patriots losing multiple games) but it would only increase the team's odds of being the no. 1 seed.