Week 14 outcomes that drastically help the LA Chargers playoff chances

Los Angeles Chargers v Cincinnati Bengals
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Las Vegas Raiders over Kansas City Chiefs

It it really painful to root for the Las Vegas Raiders as a Chargers fan but every fan needs to suck it up and root for the black and silver on Sunday. The Chiefs have garnered some momentum after the slow start to the season and the AFC West is theirs to lose. As already mentioned, the Bolts can win the division if they win out and beat the Chiefs in Week 15 but the Bolts can use all the help they can get.

The Chiefs are coming off of an ugly blowout win over the Denver Broncos where the defense continued to play well while the Raiders are coming off of an ugly loss against the Washington Football Team. The Raiders truly have been the hardest team to gauge in the entire league and it is impossible to predict which version of the Raiders shows up in this game.

That being said, the Raiders do have their back against the wall with a 6-6 record against a tough divisional opponent in the Chiefs this week. With how crowded the AFC playoff picture is, a 6-7 record might not be enough to make the playoffs, making this a must-win for the Raiders.

This is the definition of a kitchen sink game and the hope for the Chargers has to be that the Chiefs are looking past the Raiders this week and eyeballing the Week 15 matchup that could essentially clinch the division for Kansas City if they win. If that is indeed the case, the Raiders could shock Kansas City and make Week 15 a potential clinching game for the Bolts.

It might not be super likely, but it could happen.