LA Chargers: 3 Pittsburgh Steelers to exploit for a Week 11 victory

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Tre Norwood
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2. Tre Norwood

Minkah Fitzpatrick is not playing as he too has been put on the covid-19 list and the LA Chargers have to take advantage of his fill-in, Tre Norwood. The Chargers dodged a bullet with Fitzpatrick playing as he is someone who could have made a massive difference in slowing down Justin Herbert.

While Herbert certainly has not been turnover prone, he has thrown a few interceptions that he would like to have back and Fitzpatrick is a takeaway specialist. Not only that, but having Fitzpatrick would have helped Pittsburgh take away the deep part of the field.

Charger fans are frustrated that the team is not taking more deep shots and the reality is that other teams are taking it away. It is not a secret that Justin Herbert has amazing arm talent and is one of the best quarterbacks in the league in going deep. Teams are making him beat them underneath and Herbert is right to not force things.

That being said, having a backup safety playing instead of Fitzpatrick could make it easier for the Chargers to take the top off of the defense and connect on some big plays that get the ball moving.

This could be huge for Mike Williams in particular. Williams has been quiet after his insane start to the season and as Keenan Allen said, getting him involved is huge for this offense. Fitzpatrick not playing will allow the Chargers to get Williams more involved in the deep part of the field if they attack Tre Norwood.