LA Chargers: 3 Chargers who are being overpaid in 2021

 Los Angeles Chargers
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Los Angeles Chargers receiver Mike Williams
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3. Mike Williams

Mike Williams is definitely the best player on this list but that does not change the fact that he is overpaid. This is not really Williams' fault nor the result of the Chargers agreeing to a contract that overpays him.

The only reason why Williams is overpaid is because the Chargers accepted the fifth-year option on his rookie contract. Williams is making $15.6 million this season, making him the third-highest paid player on the Chargers.

Mike Williams is definitely not the third-best player on the LA Chargers.

Despite it being an overpay, it did make sense for the Chargers to accept his fifth-year option and simply bite the bullet. It was better than simply letting him walk in free agency. There was no long-term risk and there is the hope that he can step up and prove that he is worth a big contract.

Williams is a good receiver but he would not be worth this salary if he was a free agent. Either way it seems like this is going to be his last season in LA unless he takes a pay cut to stay in LA.

Because no matter what there will be a team that overpays him. Kenny Golladay got a big contract after being hurt last season. A team will be desperate to bring Williams in as a weapon.

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Williams is making WR1 money this season despite being someone who is better suited to be a WR2. It is not a hot take to say that he is overpaid.