LA Chargers: 3 Chargers who are being overpaid in 2021

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Los Angeles Chargers cornerback Chris Harris Jr.
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2. Chris Harris

Chris Harris was signed alongside Bryan Bulaga last offseason and he also did not have the same impact that fans were expecting in 2020; although with Harris, there were many more warning signs that fans should have seen.

Nobody expected Harris to return to his peak All-Pro form but it is safe to say that fans expected him to be better than he was. The idea of him moving to the slot full-time was very intriguing and seemingly would add a few years to his career.

That was not the case. Harris also dealt with injuries last season, although he did play more than Bulaga did. When healthy, Harris was a decent veteran cornerback option but he certainly had his flaws, which should have been predictable.

Harris has an $11.25 million cap hit this offseason and it seemed as if he was going to be cut by the Chargers in the offseason. However, the team ultimately decided to keep him around and only cut Casey Hayward, who they owed less dead cap to by cutting.

Harris is fine in the secondary but he definitely is not worth $11.25 million. I like his value as a veteran cornerback who can help teach Michael Davis and Asante Samuel Jr, especially considering he is familiar with the type of defense that Brandon Staley is going to implement in LA.

However, I do not love him as an every-down cornerback back option and there are plenty of cornerbacks that I would rather pay $11.25 million for. Luckily, Harris is a free agent after the season so the Chargers can either part ways or bring him back for much cheaper.