LA Chargers: 3 Chargers who are being overpaid in 2021

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The LA Chargers are entering the 2021 season in a great place. The team has enough talent to be considered a legitimate dark horse and has not given itself a terrible financial situation this season or in the near future.

Part of the reason why that is the case is the fact that Justin Herbert is playing on his rookie contract. Having an elite quarterback on their rookie deal is one of the biggest competitive advantages an NFL team can have.

That does not mean that every Charger is paid as much as they should be as several players are making more than their market value in 2021. There are different circumstances for each player and each player can prove us wrong with a strong 2021 season.

Here are the 3 LA Chargers that are being overpaid in 2021:

1. Bryan Bulaga

Bryan Bulaga is the prime candidate to prove us wrong and prove that he is worth the $11 million cap hit that he has this season. After all, we are a year removed from being legitimately excited about Bulaga and what he was going to bring to the offensive line.

Bulaga's first season in LA did not go at all how he or Charger fans would have wanted. Bulaga could not stay healthy and even when he was playing he was playing far under what we expected of him.

The hope is that he can get healthy in his second season in LA and be as valuable as fans expected him to be in 2020. However, he is not getting any younger and there is no guarantee that he won't continue to regress at this stage of his career.

The LA Chargers can get out of his contract next season with a $3.33 million dead cap hit. The hope is that they do not have to do that as they instead want to keep Bulaga around after a solid 2021 season.