LA Chargers: Four easiest roster decisions for the offense

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4. Re-sign Oday Aboushi

This might be a bit of a surprising one as Oday Aboushi is not one of the biggest free-agent names that the Bolts have to deal with this offseason. In fact, some fans may have completely overlooked Aboushi this offseason considering he tore his ACL in Week 5 against the Browns and did not play for the rest of the year.

That might seem like reason to question bringing Aboushi back but there really should not be any nuance to this decision. It is an absolute no-brainer to re-sign Aboushi this offseason and I would be legitimately shocked if he is not on the Chargers roster in 2022.

Why is this such an easy decision to make? First of all, Aboushi is going to be cheap. Aboushi came to the Chargers on a cheap one-year deal last offseason and his injury keeps him at that price point. Aboushi still has tremendous promise, though, as he was playing really well leading up to his injury. Per Pro Football Focus, Aboushi allowed just five pressures in 193 pass-block snaps.

The Chargers have the opportunity to turn his injury into a good thing (for salary purposes) and re-commit to him on a cheap deal this offseason. If Aboushi would have played the entire year without getting hurt at that level then he would be making $6 million+. Instead, the Bolts can get him for $1-2 million.

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And at the absolute worst they can use Aboushi as a depth guard if someone like Brenden Jaimes or an incoming rookie outplays Aboushi in camp. Either way, it will be a cheap signing to build the depth of the offensive line and get back a solid starter who didn't get to fully prove his worth.