LA Chargers: Four easiest roster decisions for the offense

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Mike Williams
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2. Franchise tag Mike Williams

This might not seem like a no-brainer to some fans as there is a contingent of Charger fans who do not want to see the LA Chargers spend big on Mike Williams. The counter-point for signing Williams is the fact that he had a tendency to "disappear" in games and that the team would be paying him top money while he is not a top receiver.

While those are fair points, I do disagree with the disappearing argument. Sure, he had some games in which he did not contribute much but every receiver outside of the top 4-5 have those games. Williams also played a massive role in several big wins for the Chargers in 2021. The Chargers don't beat the Chiefs, Browns, or Steelers if they don't have Williams. Also, the team's two worst games offensively (Houston, Baltimore) were games that Williams either missed (Houston) or hardly played because he was hurt (Baltimore).

You don't get cheap with a receiver when you have an elite quarterback on a rookie deal. Taking away one of Justin Herbert's top weapons, with who he has chemistry, is simply a foolish move. You already didn't want to pay Hunter Henry, which I get. The team cannot get cheap with Williams either.

So why the franchise tag? This gives the Chargers insurance. Tag Williams early in the process with the intent of trying to work out a deal. If the two sides cannot work out a deal then the Bolts get Williams for one more year and can figure it out next offseason. By then, who knows if Joshua Palmer takes the next steps to be a true WR2.

Regardless, Williams should be tagged and it should not even take a second thought.