LA Chargers: Four easiest roster decisions for the offense

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Bryan Bulaga
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1. Cutting Bryan Bulaga to open up cap space

Just because the LA Chargers already have ample cap space does not mean that they should avoid the chance to create even more. Last offseason, there was some nuance to the decision of who to cut to open up cap space. This season it is much more clear-cut as the Bolts only have one candidate to free up space and that candidate really should not be on the team next season.

That candidate is Bryan Bulaga. The Bolts will free up $10.75 million in cap space by cutting him this offseason and will only carry a dead cap hit of $3.3 million. It might seem contradicting considering the Bolts really need a starting right tackle but it does not make sense at all to keep Bulaga in the building.

Bulaga simply has not been able to stay healthy with the Chargers and in the limited time has played he has not been worth $10 million. Bulaga played just 10 games in 2020 with the Bolts and played in only the first half of Week 1 in 2021 before missing the rest of the season with a back injury. At 33 years old, it might be time that Bulaga hangs it up.

It is a true shame that the Bulaga signing did not work out as it was a great signing at the time by Tom Telesco. There was not a single Charger fan out there that disagreed with the move and it appeared as if the Bolts got an anchor on the right side for three seasons.

Instead, Bulaga will have played just 490 total snaps with the Chargers and won't make his third season with the team. At least he helped recruit Corey Linsley to the Bolts.