LA Chargers: 4 easiest roster decisions for the defense this offseason

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4. Draft a defensive tackle in rounds 1-3

Personally, I am not a fan of the LA Chargers taking a defensive tackle in the first round of the 2022 NFL Draft even if that defensive tackle is Jordan Davis. I really like Davis as a prospect but I think you can get someone who is 90% as effective in the second or third round. Devonte Wyatt, Travis Jones and Phidarian Mathis would all also be great selections and will be available in the second or potentially third round.

However, I included the first round as part of the no-brainer decision just because there is a chance that the Chargers do go this route. If they sign a true CB1 and sign a starting right tackle in free agency then that opens the door to draft Davis in the first round. In the right circumstances, it could make sense.

Regardless, the Chargers need to rebuild the interior defensive line and they need to do more than just sign free agents. Yes, Sebastian Joseph-Day would be fantastic and they should still sign him but they need to draft as well. The best interior defensive lineman on the team this season was a homegrown guy in Justin Jones.

This is the way to not only add depth this season but in future years as well. Guys like Davis, Wyatt, Jones, or Mathis are only going to get better with time and are going to help the team add more complementary pieces around them to rebuild the trenches.

Other positions you could argue against the Chargers picking in the top three rounds depending on what happens in free agency. As mentioned, corner and right tackle may no longer be a first-round need and if they really load up in free agency they might not pick the position at all in the first three rounds.

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No matter what happens in free agency the Bolts should be taking a defensive tackle with their first three picks. That is a no-brainer.