LA Chargers: 4 easiest roster decisions for the defense this offseason

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3. Load up the secondary

The secondary has some promising pieces but was torn apart in the 2021 season. Granted, the Chargers hardly had their starting secondary on the field together but a team has to be ready for injuries to occur. They happen to every team and the Chargers' lack of secondary depth really showed throughout the season.

Guys like Tevaughn Campbell had to play a big role on the defense and it was absolutely horrible. Add that to the fact that the Chargers don't have a true CB1 and it was easy to expose the Chargers secondary after pounding the rock in early downs (more on that later).

Brandon Staley's defense is at its best when he has a multitude of talented players in the secondary that can be moved around like puzzle pieces to create certain matchups. The Chargers did not nearly play as much DIME as the Rams did the prior year as they simply did not have the pieces to execute Staley's vision.

That is why the Chargers should really hammer home the secondary in the offseason. It could be signing one big-name cornerback to be the CB1 and then also drafting a corner and a versatile safety/cornerback hybrid. It could be signing 2-3 defensive backs in free agency for the cost of one star CB and then drafting one early. Whatever it is, the Chargers should see at least three new faces in the secondary that can play a legitimate role in 2022.

Please, no more Tevaughn Campbell.