LA Chargers: Great, good and ugly in Monday Night Football win over Raiders

Las Vegas Raiders v LA Chargers
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Storm Norton
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The ugly from the LA Chargers Monday Night Football win:

There honestly was not that much from this game that was very "ugly". This might seem pretty nitpicky, and yo are right if you think it is, but we have to point out the things that were at least somewhat bad.

Storm Norton had some really bad reps

For the most part, Storm Norton held up pretty well in this game. The Raiders have been getting pass rush on everyone to start 2021 and Herbert operated with mostly a clean pocket in the first half.

That changed in the second half as the Raiders started sending more pressure and the weak links of the Chargers offensive line started to show themselves. Norton was one of those weak links and he had some bad reps.

Norton had back-to-back plays on the drive before the Raiders' missed field goal in which he completely whiffed the protection, leading to an incomplete pass, and then held on the next play and still let the pressure get home to Herbert.

To be fair, he is the swing tackle for a reason and we should not expect him to be perfect.

Keenan Allen

Keenan Allen hauled in seven receptions but this was still not his best game. Allen had two drops, one of which was on a deep pass that bounced off his fingertips and one was on a short out route that bounced right off his numbers for the incompletion.

This is unlike Keenan and both drops, at the time, seemed like they would end up being a big deal. they didn't, thankfully, but it would not be surprising if this ends up being his worst game of the season.