LA Chargers mock draft: Bolts rebuild defense in fan-selected mock draft

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Justyn Ross
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With the 121st pick in this LA Chargers mock draft, the Bolts select Justyn Ross, WR, Clemson

I am a fan of Justyn Ross and you could make the case that he should not be a listed option for the LA Chargers at this point in the draft. However, once you get out of the third round it all comes down to who a team likes. It does not matter if he is mocked to be a fifth-rounder before the draft. If the Chargers like Ross and he is on the board at 159 then they will take him.

Charger fans seem to like Ross as well (or at least like the idea of taking a receiver in the mid-rounds of the draft) as he won the vote with 37.1% of the voting. Obviously, Ross is not a replacement for Mike Williams and if Williams leaves then the Chargers might end up taking a receiver in round one. In this situation, a fourth-round receiver makes sense.

I really do think that Ross has the potential to be the breakout receiver of day three of the 2022 NFL Draft. He does have his injury concerns, which is why he is so low to begin with, but he has the raw athleticism and skills to be a special receiver.

Ross is a wide receiver out of a lab. He is six-four with a solid vertical and sure hands. He is not a massive speedster but he is certainly quick enough to make a mark in the NFL.

Ross would not have a huge role in year one with four receivers in front of him but he still would have value as a depth piece and is someone who the team could really tap into as a pro. Ross currently ranks 119 on The Draft Network's prospect rankings (he ranks even lower in the predictive board because of injuries) and it would not be surprising to see his value shoot up if he has a good NFL Combine, which he expects to participate in.