LA Chargers mock draft: Bolts rebuild defense in fan-selected mock draft

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With the 49th pick in this LA Chargers mock draft, the Bolts select Travis Jones, IDL, Connecticut

Travis Jones is someone who is picking up a lot of steam not just with Charger fans but in the draft process as a whole. Early in the offseason, we had the Chargers taking Jones in the third round and now, Jones seems like a slam dunk to be a second-round pick.

Jones had the biggest margin of voting out of any player on this mock draft, earning 61.3% of the final vote. Not only does Jones help fix such a pressing need on the defensive line but he also is a great value pick for where he is being picked.

Jones if the main reason why the Chargers can pass on Jordan Davis. A lot of fans want to see the Bolts take Davis, who is undoubtedly creative, but drafting a different prospect in round one and getting Jones in the second round would be fantastic.

The Chargers would still need to add more interior defensive linemen, especially for pass-rushing downs. Jones is going to be great at resetting the line of scrimmage but is still likely going to be a two-down defensive tackle, at least early in his career.

If the Bolts draft Jones, sign someone like Sebastian Joseph-Day and then re-sign Justin Jones, or sign another pass-rushing defensive tackle then the Bolts could be in a great situation at defensive tackle, which would have been crazy to say during the 2021 season.