Bolts bolster defense in first Chargers mock draft of 2022 offseason

LA Chargers mock draft
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Phidarian Mathis, Nick Saban
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In the second round of this LA Chargers mock draft, the Chargers select Phidarian Mathis, DT, Alabama

Jordan Davis of Georgia is the defensive tackle that many Charger fans are familiar with as we head into draft season. Davis was arguably the best defensive player in college in 2021 and some outlets have the Chargers drafting him in the first round because of the team's run defense.

It would not be a bad pick in the slightest if the Chargers went with Davis. However, I do think it is easier to shore up the interior defensive line in free agency and in later picks than it is the cornerback position. For that reason, I have the Chargers prioritizing corner and taking a defensive tackle in the second round.

Phidarian Mathis is a solid player as well. He might not have the ceiling of Jordan Davis but he would still help the LA Chargers accomplish what they are trying to do in being better against the run. If the Chargers bring back Justin Jones and sign a veteran like Akiem Hicks, suddenly the situation at defensive tackle looks much better.

To me, Mathis is the polar opposite of Jerry Tillery. The Chargers selected Tillery because of his high ceiling in the 2019 NFL Draft but he also had a low floor as he had a tendency to just disappear in games for Notre Dame. Mathis is the opposite. He might not have a massively high ceiling, but his floor is really high and at the very least he will be a positive addition to the LA Chargers' run defense.

The Chargers are now on the clock with their third-round pick in our first LA Chargers mock draft.