You won't believe which Chargers player has become a Madden 23 superstar

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The 2022 NFL season is nearly upon us and the LA Chargers are expected to do big things. After the most aggressive offseason of Tom Telesco's GM career, the Chargers enter the 2022 season with one of the best rosters in the entire league.

This makes the Chargers one of the most fun teams to use in the recently-released Madden 23. While the Chargers have had some fun teams throughout the year, this has to be the most overpowered Chargers team to use in the game since the 2006 Chargers with LaDainian Tomlinson.

Not only do the Chargers have Justin Herbert, a myriad of weapons and several superstars on the defensive end of the ball, but the team also has some players on the roster that have taken a life of their own on the popular video game.

Both in franchise and ultimate team mode, Madden 23 players have been flocking to Chargers tight end Donald Parham. Despite Parham not even being the starter on his own team in real life, he has become this Madden 23 superstar that is perhaps the most overpowered player in the game.

Hopefully Donald Parham's Madden 23 stardom can translate to the real LA Chargers.

It is quite obvious why Donald Parham has become every player's go-to player on their starting ultimate team squad. Parham is built unlike anyone else in the league, standing in at six-foot-eight. Not only is he six-foot-eight, though, but he is also sneaky athletic, which is showcased in the brilliant video package put together by the Chargers.

While the real-life advantages are not nearly as impactful as the video game advantages, the Chargers still have someone special to utilize in Parham. He came into the league from the XFL and was instantly a red-zone threat for the Bolts that the team was working on developing.

That development has paid off big time as Parham enters his third season with the team. Parham is no longer a red-zone jump-ball specialist, he has blossomed into someone who can play on every single down. Not only does he have value in the passing game but he has really improved his blocking to be a positive impact in that regard as well.

While I personally have been pounding the table for Gerald Everett, it wouldn't be surprising if Parham is the one that takes a massive leap this season and becomes a prominent weapon in what is undoubtedly going to be a prominent offense next season.

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If that happens then Parham is going to be even more unstoppable in Madden 24. He is already unstoppable because of his height. Imagine if he actually has a high rating.