LA Chargers: 4 keys to winning the AFC West in 2021

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4. The Kansas City Chiefs need to lose at least two more games

While the Las Vegas Raiders are currently tied with the LA Chargers for first in the division with a 4-2 record they are not the team to worry about in the division hunt. It is obviously the Kansas City Chiefs, who got off to a slow start but are still the defending AFC Champions.

The Chiefs currently have a 3-3 record and there is a pretty good chance that they get hot the rest of the way and finish in the hunt. For the Chargers' sake, the Chiefs have to lose at least two more games for the Bolts to win the division.

We predicted every game after the bye week and predicted that the LA Chargers would finish with a 13-4 record. However, there is a margin of error in these predictions and a 12-5 record certainly is possible. That is the worst record the Chargers could have to win the division.

Two more losses for the Chiefs would tie them with the Chargers at 12-5 and it would all depend on the division record and then the conference record. The Bolts are a step ahead with a 2-0 AFC West record and a win over the Chiefs already.

If the Bolts do go 13-4 then we don't even have to worry about a tiebreaker if the Chiefs lose twice.

The Chiefs' schedule also eases up but they do have some tougher games due to them having a first-place record. Losable games remaining on the schedule are against the Tennessee Titans, Green Bay Packers, Dallas Cowboys and the LA Chargers. If the Chiefs win every other game then the hope for the Bolts is that they go 2-2 in those four.

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Another loss against the Chargers would be the icing on the cake and would likely secure the division outright for the Bolts.