LA Chargers: Keenan Allen takes a hilarious shot at Madden

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It is well-known among LA Chargers fans that Keenan Allen is one of the most underrated receivers in the league. That being said, Allen is starting to garner the attention that he deserves as was one of the top-10 rated wide receivers in EA's Madden 22.

Allen is the seventh-highest-rated wide receiver in the game, starting the season as a 93 overall. The five wideouts ahead of him are Davante Adams, DeAndre Hopkins, Tyreek Hill, Stefon Diggs, Julio Jones and Michael Thomas.

That is quite the group of receivers to be lumped together with. Despite this, though, Keenan Allen is not shy in letting his feelings be known about the Madden video game. When asked about his rating in Madden 22 on Thursday, Allen expressed his opinion on Madden (starts at 6:20).

""It's a terrible video game." "

Allen's complaints are with the ratings attached to his overall. Despite getting the same overall from the Madden team, Allen noticed that his overall stats have decreased.

Keenan Allen's comments about Madden are definitely justified

While it is nice to see Keenan Allen finally get the credit he deserves, the wide receivers that are ranked ahead of him certainly are interesting. While there is no arguing about guys like Adams or Hopkins, there are a few receivers ahead of Allen that should not be.

First is Julio Jones. While we wanted the LA Chargers to trade for Julio Jones, we also can recognize that he is not as good as Keenan Allen at this point in his career. He is a very good wide receiver still but it is hard to justify putting Jones ahead of Allen.

Michael Thomas is another interesting name ahead of Allen. Thomas' 2019 season was historic and there is no point in even trying to argue against it. However, Thomas is rather one-dimensional and was not very good last season (and could not stay healthy).

Allen has gotten plenty of criticism about not being able to stay healthy in the past yet Thomas gets the pass. I think Allen is a far more dynamic receiver than Thomas and would give him a higher rating.

That would put Allen in the top five, which is where he belongs. With a new offense in place and Justin Herbert entering year two, as long as Allen stays healthy is will be impossible to keep him out of the top five.

Allen is primed for a big season and some of the names ahead of him (Thomas, Jones and even Hopkins) could be primed for some regression. The Madden team will certainly have to adjust Allen's individual attributes.

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Maybe if he goes up to a 95+ overall Keenan Allen will have different thoughts about the Madden franchise.