LA Chargers: Ranking Justin Herbert and all 32 starting quarterbacks in 2021

LA Chargers Justin Herbert
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Joe Burrow
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14. Joe Burrow, Cincinnati Bengals

  • Average ranking: 14.6
  • Highest ranking: 12

Joe Burrow was having a really good rookie season that would have ended up rivaling Justin Herbert's for the LA Chargers. Burrow's season ended prematurely with an injury and the worst thing for him is that the same problems that existed last season also exist this season.

The offensive line is still going to allow a lot of pressure and Burrow is going to be running for his life.

13. Baker Mayfield, Cleveland Browns

  • Average ranking: 12.8
  • Highest ranking: 12

Baker Mayfield was really good for the Cleveland Browns down the stretch of the 2020 season and now Cleveland enters this season as many people's pick to be the breakout team that makes it deep in the plaoyffs.

The Browns definitely have one of the best rosters in the league and if Mayfield plays like he did in the second half last season then the team is going to go very far and Mayfield will probably slide into the top 10.

12. Matt Ryan, Atlanta Falcons

  • Average ranking: 12.4
  • Highest ranking: 11

Matt Ryan is getting up there in age and his MVP award is definitely carrying some weight in these rankings. While he is undoubtedly still above league-average and is in the right range, it is not crazy to think that a younger quarterback like Mayfield should rank ahead of him.

That being said, Ryan has a new head coach in Arthur Smith who did wonders for Ryan Tannehill's career. Perhaps Ryan will prove to the NFL why he ranks this high still in 2021.

11. Matthew Stafford, LA Rams

  • Average ranking: 10.4
  • Highest ranking: 8

I think there has been a tendency to overrate Matthew Stafford because he was so underrated for so many years and fans love to pretend like he had a horrible situation in Detroit. It was not a great situation at times, but let's not pretend like he wasn't throwing to one of the greatest wide receivers in NLF history for half of his career.

Stafford is going to prove a lot of people right either way this season in Sean McVay's offense. He is going to be successful no matter what and this is a fair range for him. In 2021, he will learn if he is truly a top-10 quarterback.

10. Ryan Tannehill, Tennessee Titans

  • Average ranking: 9.8
  • Highest ranking: 8

It is impossible to ignore what Ryan Tannehill has done since taking over the starting job for the Titans. Tannehill revived his NFL career and went from a bottom-tier quarterback to a top-10 quarterback in the league.

That being said, he is losing Arthur Smith this season and Derrick Henry has so many miles on his legs that it has to be monitored. Tannehill's numbers have been great, but is he the guy you want driving with two minutes remaining? 2021 will be very telling.