LA Chargers: Ranking Justin Herbert and all 32 starting quarterbacks in 2021

LA Chargers Justin Herbert
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Derek Carr
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19. Jameis Winston, New Orleans Saints

  • Average ranking: 18.8
  • Highest ranking: 15

Jameis Winston is either going to shock a lot of people in 2021 or he is going to end the Saints' playoff window much sooner than expected. Winston was turnover-prone in his past but he now has a season in the building with Sean Payton and even had LASIK eye surgery.

Personally, I am really high on the potential of Winston in 2021. He has the potential, he is still young and now he is in a great position.

18. Jimmy Garoppolo, San Francisco 49ers

  • Average ranking: 18
  • Highest ranking: 17

Jimmy Garoppolo is not the most exciting quarterback in the league but he is certainly one of the most underrated. Is he an elite quarterback? No. But a lot of NFL fans like to pretend like he is some bottom-tier, horrible quarterback.

It is one of those takes that took off and everyone latched onto it. Garoppolo is the perfect example of someone who got so overrated and people over-corrected and now he is underrated.

17. Trevor Lawrence, Jacksonville Jaguars

  • Average ranking: 17.2
  • Highest ranking: 16

Trevor Lawrence ranks right behind the median for the NFL before even playing an NFL snap. That might seem absurd to some, but he is the best quarterback prospect since Andrew Luck and is as close to a surefire thing as you can get.

Lawrence simply playing in 2021 is going to raise his ranking on this list.

16. Derek Carr, Las Vegas Raiders

  • Average ranking: 16.4
  • Highest ranking: 14

Derek Carr is not a top-tier quarterback but he too is underrated. Carr is not someone who is going to take the top off of a defense, he is someone who can efficiently manage an offense.

He is better than a game manager but he does not quite have the x-factor that quarterbacks ahead of him have.

15. Kirk Cousins, Minnesota Vikings

  • Average ranking: 15.0
  • Highest ranking: 14

Kirk Cousins is right where he should be. Good enough to pilot a good football team to the playoffs and even win a playoff game but not good enough to be someone who can take over a franchise. His numbers were good, sure, but he too lacks that x-factor that those ahead of him have.