LA Chargers: Justin Herbert is the rightful MVP favorite after Week 5 classic

Cleveland Browns v LA Chargers - Justin Herbert
Cleveland Browns v LA Chargers - Justin Herbert / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages

Justin Herbert and the LA Chargers played an instant classic against the Cleveland Browns in Week 5 and came out on the winning side of the battle. The Browns and Chargers went back and forth with the home Chargers picking up the win.

Nobody can deny that the Chargers are the real deal now. Three straight impressive wins have put them in sole possession of first place and gives them the joint-best record in the AFC with the Buffalo Bills. The Browns are a really good football team and a win like this cannot be overlooked.

The Chargers won this game for one reason and it was not the defensive side of the football. The Chargers won this game because of Justin Herbert. Sure, the weapons did their part, but this was a game where an elite quarterback had to take over to win it and that is exactly what Herbert did.

Herbert completed 26 of 43 passes for 398 yards with four passing touchdowns and one rushing touchdown. Not only are the numbers godly but Herbert made every single big throw when it mattered. He was money in this game. It was the kind of performance that MVPs have.

Justin Herbert should undoubtedly be the MVP front-runner after the LA Chargers Week 5 win

There is still a lot of football left to play and anything can happen but after five weeks it is hard to give the award to anyone but Herbert. Herbert has put together insane numbers and has led the Chargers to a 4-1 record against five really tough teams that nobody was predicting before the season.

In just five weeks Herbert has 1,576 passing yards, 13 passing touchdowns, a 67.1% completion percentage and only three interceptions on top of his one rushing touchdown.

Yes, there have been other great seasons thus far. Kyler Murray has been lighting the world on fire, Matthew Stafford looks to be money on the LA Rams and Tom Brady is turning back the clock and putting together one of his best years ever.

That being said, it is not hard to make the case for Herbert over all three of those players.

First, the Chargers have played a much tougher schedule than the 5-0 Arizona Cardinals. Their win over the LA Rams is no joke, but the Vikings, Jaguars, 49ers and Titans is not the most impressive list. Stafford has been great but has not been as consistent nor as good overall as Herbert. He also has not made the high-pressure plays that Herbert has made. Brady has been great but his team is the defending Super Bowl Champions. They are supposed to be great.

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Justin Herbert is playing at an insane level and the LA Chargers, who everyone had as the no. 2 team in the division at best, are playing the best football in the entire AFC. Sure, the Bills have the same record but the Chargers' wins outside the Chiefs are much more impressive.

There are still 12 more games for Justin Herbert and the LA Chargers to prove how good they really are and if Herbert continues to play at this level then he will become the first Charger to win the MVP since LaDainian Tomlinson in 2006.