LA Chargers: Hilarious story from Gabe Nabers shows how wholesome Justin Herbert is

LA Chargers Justin Herbert
LA Chargers Justin Herbert / Abbie Parr/Getty Images

Justin Herbert has taken the hears of every single LA Chargers fan. Herbert's record-setting rookie season in 2020 took every single fan by surprise as he instantly became the most popular player on the Chargers and one of the most popular players in the league.

Herbert is so easy to like. It is not just the 80-yard bombs, the way he extends every single play and screaming "I was in!" on a rushing touchdown against the Las Vegas Raiders.

It is the way he conducts himself. If there was one word to describe Justin Herbert as a person, at least from a fan perspective, it would be wholesome. The guy is happy to be in the NFL, happy to be with the Chargers and is just happy to play football.

A recent story from LA Chargers fullback Gabe Nabers shows just how wholesome Justin Herbert is.

Mina Kimes of ESPN did an excellent feature story on Justin Herbert in which she traveled to Oregon, interviewed Herbert and interviewed several of his teammates. Seriously, it is a fantastic piece, I would check it out.

While the entire story is fantastic, there is one hilarious tidbit from Gabe Nabers in which he explains the only time he has ever seen his star quarterback look his temper.

"Nabers says he has seen Herbert's temper flare up only once, when Nabers tried to abandon his grocery store cart in the parking lot. "The first time we went shopping, I was like, 'Eh, I'll leave it right here,'" he says, pantomiming a gentle push. "And he said: 'No. Take it all the way back.'""

Isn't Justin Herbert great? He played on one of the most frustrating teams in the league last season. A team that had a much higher ceiling than the record indicated and the only time he has really let his temper flare-up is when a teammate did not return his shopping cart.

Some naysayers might look at this as a bad thing. Some of the best players in the league get fired up and it fires up their teammates as well. There is a difference between getting fired up and being a hothead, though, and Herbert obviously has one of the most composed heads in football (unless someone leaves a shopping cart out).

He does not have to get angry to motivate his teammates. They are all adults. All professionals. They have all seemingly latched onto him as the leader of this team and that is because of the way he carries himself. Because of moments like this.

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The LA Chargers truly are lucky to have Justin Herbert as they not only have a quarterback that makes them a legitimate Super Bowl dark horse, but they have a quarterback that is revered and respected as well.