LA Chargers: Was Justin Herbert the best quarterback in Week 9?

Los Angeles Chargers, Justin Herbert.
Los Angeles Chargers, Justin Herbert. / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

Justin Herbert was on fire on Sunday for the LA Chargers. After two tough weeks had some people calling him a bust and doubting his longevity in the league, Herbert lit up the field for one of the best showings in his young career.

He could have just propelled himself back into an MVP conversation that abandoned him a few weeks ago, and it's drawing attention from football fans nationwide.

In fact, LA Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert may have outplayed every other quarterback in the league.

He certainly outhrew them. Herbert recorded the most passing yards of any QB on Sunday--356 total yards through the air. The young QB was composed and confident in his strikes and shredded the Eagles secondary every time he stepped out on the field.

That yardage alone is reason to hand Herbert the title for this week, as it marked his twelfth game of over 300 yards, making him the most productive young player through his first two seasons in NFL history, according to ESPN.

Not only did Herbert get monstrous yardage, he did it with some flair. The QB showed off his arm strength on multiple occasions as his coaching staff finally called plays that allowed him to hit some deeper targets. One of his most impressive throws of the afternoon came on an absolute dime to Mike Williams.

That ball was launched for 60 yards of air time. Herbert didn't just put power behind the ball either. He placed it perfectly to a fast-moving receiver.

Speaking of accuracy, Herbert was spot-on all night. He went for a spectacular 32 for 38 on his attempts. The precision in his 84 percent completion rate was so good, it actually broke another early quarterback record.

According to Fernando Ramirez from Sports Illustrated, the second-year quarterback has been the most prolific pass completer of all time thus far in his career. Another record snatched up by Herbert in his electric display of reliability on Sunday. It should also be noted that Herbert has zero interceptions. No mistakes, just achievements.

In fact, Herbert was perfect when it came to pressure. According to PFF, Justin Herbert recorded a perfect 158.3 passer rating under pressure in Week 9. His calm demeanor and poise in so rare in such a young player, and it suited him incredibly well against Philadelphia.

What else could Herbert possibly have done well on Sunday? Use his feet. Not only did he throw for a pair of touchdowns, Herbert had an eight yard touchdown run. He also converted a crucial fourth-and-one from the ground in the last drive of the game and totaled 14 rushing yards throughout the contest. And it put him on pace to break another record.

All in all, it was a career, record-breaking day for the Chargers quarterback. His offense led the team to a win, where they now sit on top on a tight AFC West division. Herbert had potentially the best performance of any player in Week 9, and easily the best quarterback performance. With a shaky Minnesota secondary next up on the schedule, he might just be getting started on a hot streak for LA.

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