LA Chargers: Overreactions from Week 6 blowout loss to Baltimore Ravens

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Brandon Staley
LA Chargers v Baltimore Ravens / Rob Carr/GettyImages

Take 4: The LA Chargers should be happy with a 4-2 start

The LA Chargers should not be happy with losing this game and they would obviously be much happier in being 5-1 than they are 4-2. That being said, optimistic fans are putting the entire season in perspective as the Bolts head into a bye week. When you look at the bigger picture, it becomes a much easier pill to swallow.

The fact of the matter is that the LA Chargers have had one of the toughest early-season schedules in the league. The Bolts have to play the electric Dallas Cowboys, the defending AFC Champions, a top-five AFC team and Super Bowl contender in Cleveland and another top-five AFC team and Super Bowl contender in Baltimore.

Forgive the Chargers that they lost one game on a last second 50+-yard field goal and lost another game on the road against a top AFC team. Yes, it was ugly and should have been much, much closer, but as we already mentioned, losses happen to the best teams.

Any Charger fan would have taken a 4-2 start when they looked at the schedule before the year. Heck, a 3-3 start would have still had a lot of promise and a 2-4 start would not have even been the end of the world.

This is a team with a brand-new coaching staff that is still figuring it out as they go along that has beaten two legitimate playoff teams and another potential playoff team in the Raiders. Yes, the loss leaves an ugly taste in our mouths, but a 4-2 start is still great, all things considered.

The schedule gets much easier as the year goes along. A 12-13 win season is still in the cards and is more likely than not.