LA Chargers: Overreactions from Week 6 blowout loss to Baltimore Ravens

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Joe Lombardi
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Take 2: The LA Chargers have a play-calling problem

Oh, how history repeats itself. This was one of the most popular takes among Charger fans when the Bolts lost to the Dallas Cowboys in Week 2. Now the Chargers have another loss on the record and one of the most popular avenues of blame is Joe Lombardi.

Some transparency: I did not like the Joe Lombardi hiring when it was made, at all. However, there have been far more positives with Lombardi as the play-caller than negatives.

The play-calling was bad today, I cannot deny that. However, if Justin Herbert made a few more throws and there were fewer drops then we wouldn't be talking about the play-calling as much as we are after this game.

It was bad but every team has a bad game. That is by no means an excuse but to completely give up on the play-calling after one bad day is a bit absurd. Remember: this is an offense that scored 105 points combined the previous three weeks. Some will say that Justin Herbert carried Joe Lombardi but you don't score 105 points in three games without a strong play-caller.

Personally, the biggest issue I had with the play-calling was who Herbert was designed to target. Keenan Allen was not targeted at all in this game and time after time Herbert threw to his first read, which was often against Marlon Humphrey on the left side of the field. He has to go through his progressions more.

Granted, he was being pressured but the Chargers should have designed more looks to Keenan Allen and Mike Williams in the middle of the field. Whenever they went that way it worked and they just didn't go that way. They stayed on the outside.

The lack of adjustments is concerning and needs to be addressed. That is what the bye week is for. If this trend of not adjusting and attacking the weakness continues then we can question Joe Lombardi.

Verdict: Overreaction (for now)