Free agents who are most likely to be stolen from the LA Chargers

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Kyzir White
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2. Kyzir White

Chance of being stolen from the LA Chargers: 50%

As it stands right now, whether or not Kyzir White returns to the LA Chargers in 2022 feels like a coin flip. While it seems like a no-brainer to just give him a new contract because of his value to this team and how bad it will be without him, Tom Telesco has not re-signed many players to second contracts, especially later picks in the draft.

We have seen him let valuable players walk away for far less (did someone say Adrian Phillips?) and there is absolutely a chance that White's value gets ever-so-slightly over Telesco's evaluation and he simply lets the standout linebacker walk away.

White is undoubtedly going to be the highest-paid defensive free agent on the LA Chargers this offseason and it is for a multitude of reasons. Not only is he going to get paid because his stats were good in 2021 but also because he fits just about any team that needs an impact defender.

White's versatility and skill set translate across defenses. He has always been a solid coverage linebacker but he really rounded out his game in 2021. While he primarily played inside backer for the Bolts, White can realistically be put at inside linebacker, outside linebacker, could maybe even play some safety in certain situations as well. He can play in a 3-4 defense, a 4-3 defense and can play next to any style of linebacker.

White is so important to this team that the Chargers should be willing to pay him. The alternative of Drue Tranquill, Kenneth Murray and whatever cheap replacement the team gets is just too scary of a thought, even if paying linebackers isn't the most popular thing to do.