Free agents who are most likely to be stolen from the LA Chargers

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Dustin Hopkins
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4. Dustin Hopkins and Andre Roberts

Chance of being stolen from the LA Chargers: 25%

Dustin Hopkins and Andre Roberts obviously are not a package deal and are both free to sign with whatever team they want this offseason. However, they are included on the same page in this article as they have the same chance of leaving the Bolts as two positive special teams players.

The Chargers should be wanting to bring both of these players back considering they are two of the most reliable players the team has had at their respective positions in a decade. The Chargers hit a midseason home run on both Hopkins and Roberts and it would be foolish to not bring them back.

Hopkins more so than Roberts. The Chargers have had so many kicking woes that transitioning from Hopkins to yet another new kicker would be silly. With Roberts, you could make the case that the Chargers want to draft a receiver that can actually be part of the offense AND return kicks. However, with how bad special teams have been since Telesco took over, I do not trust him to draft a proper returner.

Kickers and return men do not have massively expensive markets but all it takes is one desperate team to offer a contract that is over market value for either of these free agents to walk away from the Chargers this offseason.

Because of their age, though, I think teams in need of either of these players will be turning to younger solutions, especially after seeing Evan McPherson become the most important player on the Bengals in the playoffs.

Hopkins and Roberts should be safe but because of their value, there is still an outside chance.