Free agents who are most likely to be stolen from the LA Chargers

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Mike Williams
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5. Mike Williams

Chance of being stolen from the LA Chargers: 20%

Whether you want the LA Chargers to bring back Mike Williams or not the fact remains that the ball is in the Chargers' court and if they want to bring back the former first overall pick this offseason then they are going to do just that.

The Chargers have the ability to franchise tag Mike Williams this offseason and quite frankly that should be what the team does. The Bolts should be tagging Williams with the intentions of working out a new four-year deal and if that falls through at least the team will be kicking the issue a year down the line and giving itself more time to plan a contingency.

I understand that some fans do not want to pay Williams $18-20 million a season but as far as I am concerned, it would be counter-productive for the Chargers to get cheap and not sign their WR2 that just put up a career season with Justin Herbert on his rookie deal. If it is not Williams then who will it be?

The fact of the matter is that Tom Telesco spent the seventh overall pick in the NFL Draft on Williams and everyone around Williams really seems to love him, including Justin Herbert. That alone is reason enough to bring him back and if you have to overpay him by $3-4 million then you just do it.

The reason why the percentage chance is slightly higher than Jones is that there is a reality that the Chargers don't use the tag as a fallback option and then get outbid in free agency, as Williams would have a much bigger market than Jones.