Free agents who are most likely to be stolen from the LA Chargers

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Drew Lock, Justin Jones
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6. Justin Jones

Chance of being stolen from the LA Chargers: 10%

Justin Jones is an interesting player to break down on this list. I only give him a 10% chance of being stolen from the LA Chargers but I think he might actually have a higher chance than some other players on this list of not being on the Bolts next season. Doesn't that contradict the 10%? Let me explain.

When we are talking about a free agent being stolen the idea is that other teams will come in with interest and outbid the Chargers for their services. While teams will be interested in Jones, he is likely not going to have the same market interest as other free agents on this list.

The reason why he might have a better chance of being on another team than someone else on this list is all based on the Chargers' direction. Even though he was a positive in a negative situation last season, the Chargers may decide to completely blow up the interior defensive line to fix the run defense problems that plagued the team last season.

If that is the case, Jones leaving the Bolts would be a result of the team deciding not to bring him back more so than a team coming in and outbidding the Chargers for him.

If the Chargers want to bring back Jones then they are going to be able to bring him back. He is probably going to make between $4.5-6 million per season and the Bolts can easily afford to bring him back on that figure. I would not completely rule out a team falling in love with him and paying him over market value, but it does seem unlikely.