5 upcoming free agents the LA Chargers should prioritize the most

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Linval Joseph
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4. Linval Joseph

Linval Joseph has been really good this season and you could make the case that he should be even higher on this list than he is. Some may argue that he should be higher than Justin Jones as well. And while I understand why someone would prioritize Joseph that much, his age does limit just how much the Chargers should offer him.

It is hard seeing Joseph getting an offer that is close to his current contract but if that is the price then the LA Chargers should probably pass. While Joseph has been impactful this season, he is 33 years old and probably only has another 2-3 years in him anyway.

The end of that contract if it is a multi-year deal could be pretty ugly and if the price is too high the Chargers are better off signing a younger player. That being said, he obviously still makes this list so he still should be someone that the Bolts do re-sign.

The Chargers can field a pretty decent defensive line group if they bring back both Jones and Joseph and add reinforcements in free agency and the draft. Signing another older defensive tackle in Akiem Hicks would be smart (as long as the contract makes sense) as does spending mid-round draft capital on a run-stuffing defensive tackle for depth.

Jerry Tillery will still be on the roster just because there is no real reason to release him but the less he plays the better for the Bolts. Tillery has shown enough that he just is not the guy that the Chargers were hoping for.