5 upcoming free agents the LA Chargers should prioritize the most

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3. Uchenna Nwosu

Uchenna Nwosu did not start the season at all how the LA Chargers were hoping this season. Nwosu was playing pretty poorly and it was more than fair to question whether or not the Bolts should offer him a contract in the offseason. He was not generating pressure on the quarterback and was playing poorly against the run.

Things have flipped since the bye week and now Nwosu becomes one of the biggest priorities for the LA Chargers in the offseason. Granted, a big part of the reason has to do with the position he plays more so than his overall talent, but the point still stands.

According to Pro Football Focus, in the first eight games of the season Nwosu had generated 14 pressures with juts one sack. In the six games since, Nwosu has generated 20 pressures and has recorded three sacks. He also had a massive interception against the Kansas City Chiefs on Thursday.

Nwosu may have figured something out late in the season and the LA Chargers would much rather see if he truly did in powder blue next season rather than watching him flourish in a different uniform next season. Because he has not been a starter in his career to this point, and his overall numbers are not eye-popping, his market is probably going to be pretty cheap.

The Chargers can comfortably sign Nwosu to a new contract after this season and should be looking to do so with the depth on the edge. Kyler Fackrell is going to be a free agent and while Chris Rumph will have one year of experience, the team cannot bank on that.

There is the potential of the Chargers drafting a edge rusher in the 2022 NFL Draft as well but with the Chargers not having a premier pick in a not-so-great draft class, it is better to bring Nwosu back as he is a known commodity that has played well.