5 upcoming free agents the LA Chargers should prioritize the most

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2. Justin Jones

Justin Jones might not be the biggest name and might not seem like he should be prioritized this highly in the upcoming offseason. Some may argue that another defensive tackle on the LA Chargers should be prioritized before Jones and we will touch on that later in the article.

Jones has been crucial to the LA Chargers' run defense this season. The Chargers have been better against the run when Jones is playing and when he was hurt it was the worst part of the season for the Bolts. Not only is he solid against the run, but he also makes an impact in the pass-rush as well.

While Jones might not be great in either avenue, it is hard to find a defensive tackle who is good in both areas. More importantly, it is hard to find a young defensive tackle who is going to be relatively cheap that is good in both areas.

Jones is not going to get some huge contract and the Chargers could probably bring him back on a three-year contract around $12 million. That is not a big price to pay at all and there is the potential of Jones getting even better and being worth even more. He is still only 25 years old.

Jones is consistent and the LA Chargers know exactly what they are going to get if he continues to play at the same level. With the potential to play even better, and at that price, this is a no-brainer. Jones should be one of the first players that Tom Telesco connects with in the offseason.